Dino Pramogu Parkas, Lithuania, 2014

Dino Pramogu Parkas located inVilnius, capital ofLithuania. This park was created in 2014. Lituo made over 30 sets animatronic dinosaur, fossil, fossil...


Animal Park, Iran, 2016

Animal Park l ocated inTeheran, capital of Iran . Lituo made over 30 sets high realisitc animatronic animal for this park in 2016. The types include: L...


Ginggo Lake Park, Nanjing, 2013

Nanjing Ginggo Lake Park located in Nanjing city, capital of Jiangsu province in China. It is a very large park which accupy 15,000,000 ㎡. This park ...


Biosphäre Potsdam, Germany, 2012

Biosphre Potsdam is an National Museum located in Borlin, capital of Germany . Lit uo made high realisitc animatronic animal and insect for this museum...


Insect Valley, Lithuania, 2013

Insect Valley located inVilnius, capital ofLithuania. Lituo made over 30 sets giant animatronic and static insect model for this park in 2013. Natural ...


Carthage Land, Tunisia, 2013

Carthage Land located in Tunis, capital of Tunisia. It is a popular water park with exciting playground equipment . We made animatronic dinosaur and ma...


Dinosaur Parks, Russia, 2017

During 2017, Lituo manufacture more than 50 pcs dinosaur products for Russia customers, all these products are displayed in 4 different dinosaur parks ...


Dino Exhibition in Nantou County Expo

In the Spring Festival of 2017, the Nantou Government supply a very sepcial dinosaur exhibition in the Nantou County Expo Center. Lituo is very happy t...


Dino Park, Italy, 2014

Dino Park is a indoor dinosaur park located in Trieste, Italy. It creates in 2014. Lituo undertake park design, Products manufacture, installation serv...

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