Insect Valley, Lithuania, 2013

Insect Valley located in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. Lituo made over 30 sets giant animatronic and static insect
model for this park in 2013.  Natural insect live in natural forest seems vivid and realisitc. Visitor take family
memeber to come, kids can play with cute insect and learn knowledge from it. Very joyful place. The size of
insect is around L3-5m length, spider, ladybug house over 6m. Types are: Moth, Fly, 
Longicorn, Mantis, Butterfly, 
Acarid, etc. Lituo's adviser Paleontologist from National museum help customer choose the popular type include
beneficial insect and pest. Visitor go into this park can learn much useful 
insect knowledge. These insect models
we 1:1 copy from insect specimen. If you are interested in them, please contace us to learn more.

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