Global Geoparks Network Director Meeting in Lituo


Global Geoparks Network(GGN) Director meet with Lituo team on Sep 24, 2018 in Lituo's factory. Zigong Global Geoparks Leader and Zigong Dinosaur Museum's curator Mrs
Zhou(she is also Lituo's adviser)also attend to this meeting. During the meeting, they talked for project cooperation and issue that Lituo will join in Global Geoparks. This

meeting day is also customer's birthday, so Lituo team prepared a warm birthday cake that has Global Gerparks logo on it for customer. This small gift touched the customer.
Actually it is not a suprise for Lituo team, because we always treat customer as good friends. 

The Global Geoparks Network (GGN), of which membership is obligatory for UNESCO Global Geoparks, is a legally constituted not-for-profit organisation with an annual
membership fee. The GGN founded in 2004 is a dynamic network where members are committed to work together, exchange ideas of best practise, and join in common
projects to raise the quality standards of all products and practises of a UNESCO Global Geopark. While the GGN as a whole comes together every two years, it functions
through the operation of regional networks, such as the European Geoparks Network that meets twice a year to develop and promote joint activities. 

Now the GGN continues to expand, drawing in new expertise and knowledge from all parts of the world and different cultures. And it’s always developing models of best
practice and setting high quality standards for territories that integrate the preservation of geological heritage into strategies for regional sustainable economic development. \


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