2017 Western China International Fair Import and Export Expo


2017 Western China International Fair Import and Export Expo was held on September 15th - 18 in Western China International Expo City, Chengdu. The fair is organized
by China International Chamber of Commerce, Organizing Committee of West China International Fair Western China International Expo City. The fair has a total area of
eighty thousand square meters, and there are three major exhibitions of industrial cooperation, commodity trade and service trade.
Under the care and support of various government departments, Lituo has been lucky to represent the whole dinosaur industry to attend this fair. The show launched
yangchuanosaurus, shunosaurus, triceratops, representing this industry's highest technology simulation dinosaur. Yangchuanosaurus can talking with visitor and realize
each movement by voice control. They are very welcomed by visitor, named as super star in fair.
How pleasant to have a conversation and chat with the dinosaurs of a hundred million years ago. As the hometown of dinosaurs-Zigong, "realize people's dream that
dancing with dinosaur" by lituo's intelligent dinosaur. Numerous businessmen and spectators not only marvel at the magic of "Zigong Dinosaur", but also express the
cooperation desire with"Zigong Dinosaur" going to the whole world.

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